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is so hard :(

Nice game i loved it =)

why is the boost z i cant use w a s d and press z on ever levels

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A really great game, very fast paced and loved the soundtrack. Even went through with the Speedrun mode.

Nice style. CyberPunk-ish. Personally I do not like when the main character is so tiny, but here it serves a purpose to the overall game so I can dig it. Keep at it!

A die and retry ? no thanks.

it game it very great game impresonate to your build!

UGH Who knew it would be such a hassle to OPEN A GAME. I haven't even played it yet, so if you could make it EASY to get into the game, that would be GREATLY APPRICIATED.

If someone could make a tutorial on how to open the game, I would also like that.

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, the style was really neat and unique and it was definitely challenging but still fun to play! Good luck with the development :D I made a let's play of your game here~

Absolutely loved this game! I had a great time playing it and the challenge to reward feeling after completing levels was pretty great as well!

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for 32 bit computers?

This is just epic. It also makes me rage. Still more playable than WAVEWAVE :D

(coverage starts at snoop (4:20))

Could you please make a 32bit version of this game because it looks epic, but i don't have a 62bit computer

Back into it...


Super nice fast paced speedrunner game! Very much enjoyed this one!! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Loved this! Similar to the N series (high praise), and the challenge lies just on the right side of fair. Great work team, I look forward to the full release!

Mini video review included below for your viewing pleasure:


Wow, thanks for such a great review ;)

Thanks for such a great game! Looking forward to the final game :D

Keep on keeping on!


I like the concept... but... Linux version?

We are releasing linux version too but a little bit later. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks, ^^


Brilliant! I'm not skilled enough to try facing collecting all the rhombs yet, making it to the end alive was satisfying enough for me so far. The music though, was amazing really really great stuff. So happy I could use a gamepad as I think I would have been hopeless on a keyboard.

I look forward to the full release!


Thank you very much for the video. All worked well with the gamepad?

It seemed to work super! thankyou for giving us the option :}


Oh maaaaan... no linux support? NNFNS gets sad :(

We are releasing linux version too but a little bit later. Sorry for the inconvenience!